The Post Excel

The Post Excel postal scales are designed to handle the changes that have taken place in the UK postal market. The Royal Mail’s pricing in proportion takes into account the size as well as the weight of the items being posted. The Post Excel range of scales are designed to allow you to handle this and make the most of the cost benefits.

With the opening of the UK postal Market to full competition, organisations other than Royal Mail can act as postal operators and collect, sort and distribute mail. The Post Excel postal scales can store postal rates for up to 10 carriers allowing you to maximise your cost savings in the new competitive market. By updating your current mailroom equipment and making a small investment you can take full advantage of the changes that have occurred in the postal market.

  • Our Post Excel scales are fully equipped to help ensure you put the right amount of postage on your mail first time, every time.
  • The Post Excel with its weighing platform lets you size and weigh your mail with easy and accuracy. The control panel allows you to navigate through many facilities, including your DX rates. The Post Excel is an indispensable addition to your franking system.

Post Excel is a robust digital scale solution that ensure the correct pricing of your mail piece is effortless and accurate. Correct pricing of the mail piece is vital so that your clients do not receive underpayment fines or non delivery of important documents alternatively over stamping therefore wasting money.

PE3 PE5 PE10 & PE30 Digital Postal Scales allow the operator to reprogramme new postal rates directly – resulting in additional savings. Large platforms and displays ensure correct values are found easily.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 30kg
  • All major current Royal Mail and Parcel Force changes, or updates available in an easy to use credit card style memory card
  • 10 programmable carrier rates for your choice of courier
  • Integral rule on the weigh tray for sizing post: 240mm x 150mm
  • Easy to read 16 digit LCD display
  • Clear and easy to read tactile keypad
  • 10kg or 30kg x 1g divisions, plus heavy duty large platform
  • Fast and accurate parts counting
  • Platform dimensions 255mm x 165mm

Mail Monitor

This advanced postal scale is has been developed for businesses of any size to control, monitor and report on all postal service providers they may use. Businesses now have a huge choice of postal providers all offering very competitive postal rates, but managing various the rates from various suppliers can be a headache and time consuming. This cheap to buy, cheap to run digital postal scale can report on your combined mail costs no matter how many suppliers you use. This machine will also provide greater clarity and help you find better value in the postal market and savings of 30% can be achieved by matching the right carrier to the right postal job.

The Mail Monitor will monitor your costs for all postal providers including:

  • TNT, Citipost, UK Mail, City Link, DX and any other DSA providers
  • Its an easy and cost-effective way to take control of you postroom costs
  • One easy to operate machine with no expensive running costs or consumerables
  • You have the freedom to select the most competitive postal provider rates
  • Switch between carriers to cherry pick the best postal rates
  • Report on your non Royal Mail carrier costs by department
  • Produce daily dockets for PPI, UK Mail, and TNT
  • Audit dispatch volumes to cross-check supplier invoices
  • The monitor can produce reports by department across different carriers and allows you to see where your money is being spent so that you can find better deals
  • You are in control
  • Shop around for the best postal deal for all your letters & large letters, packets and parcels
  • You choose the best service and best price for your business: PPI, and DSA provider, DX
  • You can access all these services and pick the best mix for your post room

DX Mail Monitor

All businesses who use DX have their postal costs estimated, but how do you know that the estimates are accurate without having access to actual hard data evidence of your DX usage. Design Initiative now offer a range of machines specifically designed for companies who use DX Mail services to keep track of their DX costs… keeping an accurate record of your DX post can lead to huge savings when negotiating annual DX mail fees.

Your company could save thousands of pounds by simply using a Mail Monitor to keep an accurate count of the DX items and costs. The Mail Monitor postal scale not only accurately weighs your post but records your DX and Royal Mail usage. By using the Mail Monitor to keep track of your DX usage you will no longer have to pay your DX invoice based on an estimate, because you will have detailed usage reports of what you DX spend actually is.

Tracking is quick and easy. With the push of two buttons you will have recorded the DX transaction, cost, number of DX Mail items being sent, including date, and time of the mailing.

Company’s which use DX Mail are realising substantial savings on a regular basis, in some cases up to 65% has been achieved.