Mailmax II High Volume Franking

Mailmax II Speed makes light work of your volume mailings thanks to its fully automated, speed efficient feeder which will turn your stack of unfranked mail into a completed job with minimum user intervention.

The Mailmax II Speed franking system is designed to cope with large volumes of mail and can also be enabled with Royal Mail’s bulk mail discounted service ‘Cleanmail Advanced®’ so that you can carry out large mailings quickly,cost effectively and save an additional 12% postage discount. The beauty of the Mailmax II is that although built for speed it is still a compact system which will not overwhelm your mail room and take up valuable space.

Mailmax II Speed Features & Benefits

  • Processes up to 10,000 letters per hour, making light work of any volume mailing
  • Optional sealer completes your mailer easily, delivering letters ready to mail
  • Optional data management system for linked tracking and budgeting of postage used by your organisation
  • Digital inkjet technology for crisp and clear plus smudge free franking
  • Optional tariff calculation, a linked scale defines the weight and your Mailmax prices accurately
  • Mailmax II can be ordered with access to Cleanmail Advanced® which is a specific Royal Mail discounted service for organisations doing regular mailings of 1000+ items (100g letter format)