CF6 Conveyor Stacker

The Frama Conveyor Stacker CF6 can be fitted with tremendous ease with your Frama Matrix F6 franking machine and it is perfectly designed to work alongside the F6 machine. By fitting your Matrix F6 machine to the Frama Conveyor Stacker CF6, you can receive a fully automatic letter flow from feed to stack. You will receive much faster franking speeds with this great conveyor stacker.

The Frama Conveyor Stacker CF6 does not take much space up and can be located in any office area. It will speed up the franking process and handle all mail items for the Frama Matrix F6 franking system. It comes with a fully automatic feeding system that allows you to reach speeds of up to 600 items of mail per day. You can even adjust the franking speed to suit the needs of your business, being very flexible.

As well as this, the Frama Conveyor Stacker CF6 machine will do all the work for you. You can simply watch the machine in operation and have very little interaction. You can also use a integrated weighing scale to weigh mail items and eliminate the chance of over payment on postage. The Conveyor Stacker CF6 also allows you to use the latest smart meter technology when franking mail, giving you access to many franking benefits.